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A Room with Genuine Connection

A Hub for Free Expression


Where it all began.
The inspiration to build this project lies within the community itself and serves as the driving force to stay in motion. We believe every Identity is key to creating ripples in the space.

The Midnight Hub is an exclusive terminal for like-minded individuals in the Web3 space who are focused on analyzing the best projects within the ecosystem. This includes: fundamental project research, live streams, interviews, advising and talent acquisition.

Rooms NFT

Unique, Detailed, Tiered.
An NFT Collection of 2525 3D-modeled rooms in the Solana Blockchain. Influenced by the unique characteristics of various countries and cities across the globe, distinct identities, elements and cultures have been incorporated into the art. These are your keys to get exclusive access to Digital Nomads.

Digital Nomads NFT

The new face of streaming.

A new and exciting PFP (Profile Picture) collection. It is the successor to the Rooms NFT collection and features unique, high-quality artwork that showcases the spirit of adventure and freedom that defines the digital nomad lifestyle. Each NFT is one-of-a-kind and represents a different character, each with its own backstory and personality. By owning a Digital Nomads NFT, collectors not only own a piece of exclusive artwork, but also become a part of the Midnight Hub ecosystem. These will be staked individually or within ROOMS, the latter will be the highest form of rewards holders can get. Each ROOM will be entitled to mint a Digital Nomad in $KEYS - the token earned by staking ROOMS.


Scale your engagement.

Our team is currently in the process of developing a cutting-edge live streaming platform that aims to offer an unparalleled visual experience to the thriving Web3 community. Our platform is being meticulously crafted to cater to audiences of varying sizes, and offers seamless integration with popular social media platforms such as Twitter and Discord. With the integration of a Web3 wallet, users can conveniently send and receive tokens while engaging with their favorite hosts in real-time, either by going live themselves or entering virtual rooms. Our platform aims to revolutionize the live streaming industry by incorporating the latest advancements in blockchain technology and offering a truly immersive experience to our users.

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Founder & Head of Marketing
Vitamin is an entrepreneur with a background in sales, marketing and consulting and has advised for several projects in the Web3 space. He specializes in Solana based NFTs and founded the Midnight Hub in 2021. He currently focuses on active community engagement through his livestreams and event demos, and connects with different project leaders for marketing logistics.


Finance, Logistics & Marketing
IJ is an entrepreneurial self starter with experience in building and scaling businesses globally. With a background in financial mathematics, currently working in consulting for a global research and advisory company that contracts for governments.


3D Design
Haka has over 2 years of experience in modeling and texturing using Blender & Adobe after-effects. He specializes in 3D-Architectural + Interior design and has worked for several clients in the Ethereum NFT space. Haka brings a unique touch to his artwork and is currently working on VFX.


UI/UX Design & Development
Rojie is a professional musician and guild founder/leader specializing in gamefi. He is a self taught, aspiring UI/UX developer. In addition to being a part time front-end developer, he utilizes his musical & artistic background to create simple & elegant UI/UX designs.


Jussdewit is a security engineer by day and a web3 developer by night. He is continually looking to build on web3 skills with a focus on quality, utility & mainstream adoption.


CarlosOMFG is the owner of Jelly-Esports and has created one of the most successful and Notable NFT communities through his collections - Jelly Rascals, Gamerooms, Jelly Dawgs, and many more. He also owns Gambulls - a licensed online casino, and manages several other business ventures.


Marketing Advisor
Aiden comes from the E-gaming industry with 4 years experience in Marketing and Advertising. His integrity and charisma has propelled him to be connected with a big network alongside many notable influencers in both the Gaming and NFT space. He is able to develop effective Marketing strategies for Project Leaders, and is also one of the Founders of Dark Skellies NFT while being part of the Midnight Hub Networking Team.


Collabaration Manager
T12 is an experienced moderator and has been involved with several projects in the NFT space. He has worked as a community manager for several projects in Solana, ETH and Aptos. He is currently working on a degree in Finance and is an avid trader.


Head Moderator
Salt has a wealth of experience in and out of Web3 and have established an excellent network over the 3 years she's been involved with crypto. IRL she is a team leader and supervisor, experienced in both project and people management. Her interpersonal and management skills have allowed her to work in communities as a moderator, advisor and community manager across the Solana, Ethereum and Polygon blockchains. When she’s not conversing in discord with people from all walks of life, she’s expanding her knowledge on defi yield, coin and NFT trading.


Lead Moderator
Hydro is one of the OG members of the Midnight Hub and assists with events that the team organizes. He has a true passion for helping and educating individuals in the Web3 space. He has been a Community manager for multiple DAOs and Projects within Solana Ecosystem.


Business Development
Pong has over 7 years of sales and business experience in commercial real estate and e-commerce. He has built supply chains, designed marketing campaigns, and managed businesses in the Silicon Valley region.


Moose is an OG/team member of the Midnight Hub. He has been an active member of the Solana community since October 2021. With a passion for knowledge and success, Moose has established himself as a valuable asset to the team.